If you’re new, this WILL be you.

Posted: February 17, 2011 in For the Newbie, General

This is a great video for all new vapers to watch.  I think most of us went through this, and wish we would have went straight to the 3rd or 4th stage when we began 🙂


  1. E-Cig Guy says:

    “I got screwed at the mall” ROFL

    Course, after my two week long struggle with the ego-T I think it’s only fair to compare prices

    Name Brand set up: $100 – $140 bucks… Vape and Go

    Ego-T: $75 bucks
    Fluid: 10 bucks
    Dental Tool: 10 bucks
    Tweezers: 5 bucks
    Paper towels: 3 bucks
    rubber gloves: 3 bucks
    Ruined purse after major leak: 45 bucks

    Hair replacement therapy after pulling hair out to make it go: 45 bucks

    Time and energy spent dinking with it, tweaking it, tuning it, cleaning it, repairing it, shipping it here and there: Who knows.

    So exactly where do I save? ROFL

  2. E-Cig Guy says:

    course, when it works it rocks!!!

  3. Juha says:

    I bought an eGo to start with, so skipped those earlier steps. I have to say I’m a bit amazed how much it actually reminds of an actual cigarette – I haven’t smoked an “analog” in three days, and I was a heavy smoker (25+ a day). Still going through a quitters depression though. eGo is great but it’s not my beloved roll-your-own menthol Pall Mall…

  4. Entertaining video! The eGo is indeed a great choice for both the new/advanced vapers.

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