So, you bought an eGo-T? What now?

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Maintenance, Tips and Tricks

I love the eGo-T.  It was like going from a Chevy to a Mercedes when I upgraded.

The learning curve took me a little while, hours spent researching on the best way to keep it running.

So, you’ve finally got yours in the mail, I’ll walk you through setting it up for your first vape!

Step 1:  Charge the batteries.  My eGo-T’s batteries were close to fully charged when I received them, yours probably will be too.  They will most likely be fully charged in under an hour.

Step 2: Prep the atomizer.  You’ll want to blow out the primer fluid that it ships with, otherwise you’ll have a nasty tasting vape for the first few hours.  To properly blow them out, use some tissue or paper towels, pushed against the atomizer end (The end without the screw connection) and blow through the battery end.  Hard.  You’ll want to blow through it for about a minute (obviously taking breaks and taking breaths).  When you no longer see any fluid dripping out and staining the paper, you’re good to go.

Take a piece of tissue and roll it up so it’s pointy, and stick it in the atomizer end, and sop up any fluid left on the metal plate, and inside the walls.

Step 3:  Filling the tank.  There are three methods I know of for doing this, and I’ll cover all 3.

Method 1: Pop the cap off the bottom using your fingernail.  Drip the fluid inside until you’re about 1/4″ from the top.  Pop the cap back on.

Method 2: Push the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Remove the tank, then use a syringe to fill the tank, once again, stop when your’e about 1/4″ from the top.

Method 3: Push the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Remove the tank, then push your bottle’s tip into the hole, and fill the tank (this can be messy with some bottles), and once again, stop when you’re about 1/4″ from the top.

You want to stop 1/4″ from the top because it doesn’t seem to wick the juice properly if you fill it all the way up.  It seems to need a little air space to wick properly.

Step 4:  Putting the tank onto the atomizer.   Push the tank into the atomizer until it is fully seated, there should be NO gap between the edge of the atty, and the edge of the tank.  Spin the tank around at least 1 time to ensure proper wicking.  Orientation doesn’t really seem to matter, but some people have said that if you don’t align the sides of the tank with the open sides of the atomizer, you will get reduced airflow.  This has not been my experience, but your mileage may vary.

Step 5:  Attach the atomizer to the battery.

Step 6: Make sure your battery is turned on.  The eGo-T batteries have a “5 click” safety system.  To turn the battery on or off, you must click the button 5 times within 2 seconds.  This can prevent “pocket vaping”

Step 7:  Prime the atomizer.  Without pressing the button, take 3-4 really hard puffs on the atty.  This will start the wicking process, and get the juice flowing to the atomizer.  You should lightly taste the flavor of the juice when you’re on your final puff.  If you don’t, try taking 1-2 more primer puffs, but be careful, you don’t want to flood it!

Step 8: Push the button and vape.  I prefer to hit the button about a second or so before I put it in my mouth, but if you wait too long, you can dry it out, it takes a little practice to get the timing right!   With the eGo-T it is best to take very long, slow puffs.  For me, it’s about 4-5 seconds for a mouthful of vapor.  To get the best “hit” off of it, I inhale it shallowly, and blow it out slowly through the nose.  If you want a very strong “hit”, you can try the French inhale.  Get a mouthful of vapor, and slowly push it out of your mouth with your tongue, while inhaling slowly with your nose… It will make a reverse “waterfall” of vapor into your nostrils, and will give you the best nicotine absorption possible.   Be warned, this can burn a little the first time you do it 🙂  Exhale slowly through the nose as well.

Here are my eGo-T tips and tricks:
1 – Never use a juice with more than 30% VG – More than 30%VG can cause wicking problems, and you’ll be running your atty dry.

2 – Stay away from Darker juices.  They’ll work, but you’ll have to clean your atty every other day, as they tend to gunk up the atomizer, and cause airflow issues.

3 – Clean your atty at LEAST once a week, I prefer the soda bottle method –

4 – Make sure your wick is in the right position.  If your first 3-4 hard primer puffs (without pressing the button) don’t give you a nice vape, use a paperclip to push the wick down inside the needle about 1mm, do this very gently or you can damage your atty.

5 – Make sure your tank is FULLY seated, there should be NO gap between the cone and edge of the tank.6 – After inserting the tank, rotate the tank inside the atty at least 45 degrees, some people spin it around a few times.  The final orientation of the tank in the atomizer doesn’t really matter.

On a side note, you should also check to see if you have the v1 or v2 atomizer.  The v1 had a blunt needle inside, and is slightly thinner than the v2.  The v2 has the pointed needle and is thicker, for better wicking.  V1 atomizers have been known to have issues.

  1. Arata says:

    Thanks for providing this information. I am waiting for two eGo-T systems to arrive, one for me and the other for my husband.

    I’m grateful for your step by step directions. I’ll have them in front of me when we have our first vaping experience.

    Hmmm. I am a bit nervous as I did purchase some 100% VG juices. Should I try to cut them with vodka right off the bat? I want to avoid problems instead of fixing problems given my lack of experience.

    I ordered from Cignot – Vicki was helpful. On my order form I have the “eGo-T 1” with the 1000mAh battery and then the “eGo-T2” with the smaller battery. Is this what you are referring to when you mention v1 vs v2?

    I’ll have to tread carefully with the filling of the tank – I really want this to work for us.


    • zombienerd1 says:

      I’m not really sure about cutting the 100% VG with vodka. I’d imagine that using enough vodka to thin it out to the proper viscosity would probably make for an extreme throat hit.

      I know that many people use PGA – Pure Grain Alcohol (Everclear, Bacardi 151, 151 proof Vodka) to add throat hit to the juice, but to thin it, I’ve only heard of people using distilled water.

      I’d check out the DIY E-Juice section over at ECF ( ) and ask those guys what % of Distilled Water and PGA to add to make it thin enough for the eGo. You should also realize, that thinning the juice will reduce the nicotine content, as well as the flavor.

      As for the v1 and v2, you don’t have to worry about it, Cignot only ships v2 atomizers. The v1 atomizers had a smaller wick needle, and lead to many complaints about dryness.

      Congrats on your purchase, as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you!!

      • arata says:

        Thanks for the tip re the distilled water. A glance at my soon to arrive order from Cignot indicates that I bought mostly pure VG juices. I don’t know whether they are dark or light yet.

        I sure would like to avoid a clog or burnt taste – I’d hate to get hung up before I get started! And I really want my husband to vape – he’s willing to try, but wouldn’t hang in long the eGo isn’t working properly. So I’d like to be proactive here.

        I looked at the cignot website and could buy 80% PG and 20% Vg mixture in any nicotine level. All juices in my order are 25 mg nicotine.

        Should I use that to cut the VG juice – it would dilute the flavor – I’m wondering if cutting it some would be helpful.

  2. zombienerd1 says:

    Some people have claimed they’ve used up to 50% VG with no issues.

    If you can get 80/20 in the same flavor and strength as the juice you already have, then you could mix it 2 to 1 with the 100% VG stuff and come out around 55/45. If it’s a clear juice, it should be ok, but I’d probably add a few drops of water/pga on top just to be safe.

    So, just a bit of math, but that would be the best way to do it, and not waste any money.

    If your vape is too dry, add a bit more water or PGA, to taste, until you get it where you like it…

  3. Great post; thank you. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to it in my blog. Let me know if you want me to unlink it.


  4. Victoria says:

    First day of Vaping…EGO-T. Thanx for the instructions…I had my morning coffee, and vaped instead of smoked. So far I have bypassed two of my morning “Coffin Nails”, my mind will “Click”, saying…”You want a smoke!” But I had moved my icky ash tray and cigs into another room and DID NOT GO GET THEM! Yea….so far so good. I know this isn’t sold as a “Quit Smoking Aid”. Because of….blah..blah… but I know better, and soon my body will too! By the way…I love everything ZOMBIE. Take care, v

  5. J says:

    I just got my Ego-T with a 1000 mah PT. Worked decently till if started leaking all over the place. I have heard you cant keep the cart on when not using it. Have any of you guys experienced any leaking issues? If so what can I do to help prevent that? I am using 100% VG atm >.>. What can I do to cut it and with what?

    Thanks everyone!

    • Russell says:

      Yep I had this issue. I was about to return mine and the vendor mentioned (as the blogger states), to take very light, long, 5 second inhales. Otherwise you’ll be forcing the juice through the atty and battery faster than it can vape. When it leaked on me I noticed that my juice was almost gone as well. Seems like when there is little to no juice that it will thin out / get too hot and leak.

      I’ve had no problems since, but sometimes get some juice into my mouth. Not the most pleasant experience, but hey it’s better than smoking you can count on that! Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    You should give a try. Great service and they have the products you are talking about here.

    • zombienerd1 says:

      @Steve As I am not in Canada, I cannot attest to the quality of service with that company, but giving a cursory glance to the site, the prices seem right, and there is a decent selection, so I will allow your comment to stand on it’s own merits. This is not an endorsement of the site.

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