Why should I switch to the PV / E-Cig?

Posted: February 17, 2011 in For the Newbie, General

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step just by being curious!

There are many reasons why the PV is better than “Analog” cigarettes.


  • Their smoke contains over 4000 chemicals.
  • Their smoke leaves you smelling like an ashtray.
  • Cigarettes are very expensive.
  • Cigarettes produce ash.
  • Cigarettes produce trash.
  • Cigarettes cause cancer.
  • Cigarettes cause heart problems.
  • This list could go on for pages.


  • Limited ingredients, you know what you’re inhaling
  • Produces vapor, not smoke.
  • Vapor doesn’t cling to you, you won’t smell like an ashtray.
  • No lighter required.
  • No ashtray required.
  • Can be used pretty much anywhere, very few places have banned their use.
  • With the proper equipment choices, Vaping is MUCH cheaper than smoking.
  • You choose how much nicotine you get, from Zero MG up to 30mg.
  • No smelly clothes.
  • No yellow teeth.
  • Sense of smell returns.
  • Sense of taste returns.
  • This list could also go on for pages.

PV’s are not really designed to help you quit smoking, but they have that effect.  They are a nicotine delivery device, much like cigarettes, snuff, chew, snus, the patch, or nicotine gum.  The reason that PV’s are so successful in helping people quit tobacco, is that they give you everything a cigarette does:  the oral fixation, the “motion” of smoking, the nicotine, as well as feeling it hit your throat/lungs/mouth.

You will not find an eLiquid (the juice that the PV uses) that tastes exactly like smoking a cigarette.  This is quite impossible, as that taste is created by burning material, and in order to get that taste in a PV, you would need to add in many of the harmful chemicals that we all want to get rid of!  The standard tobacco flavors that you will find with the starter kits taste more like what a fresh cigarette smells like before lit.  That is the actual taste of tobacco.

“So, will it work for me?”

It absolutely will, as long as you want it to.  There is a bit of brain play involved.  Vaping is not 100% identical to smoking, there are many subtle differences.  Vaporized e-juice’s nicotine is slower to absorb into your system than that of burned tobacco.  Some thought and planning have to go into making yourself successful.

The hardest part for me was first thing in the morning.  I used to wake up, go straight outside and have a cigarette, it was all that was on my mind.  The nicotine from a cigarette hits your brain in seconds, it’s instant gratification.  Waking up since I started vaping was a bit different.  I found that I had to get a good 7-8 puffs in before I started feeling the same as I would on the first drag of the cigarette.  How I combated this, was to do my “morning vape” before I even got out of bed.  I have children, so I have not smoked in the house for years, this small change has helped me significantly in this regard.  Now, I can just lay there, and take several puffs to get my brain happy before I even have to pull back the covers.

Each person’s physiology is a bit different, you may have a harder time giving up the analogs than I did.  You may take your first vape, and never think of analogs again.  It’s best to get yourself psyched out before you ever start vaping.  You must know that this is going to work before you ever try it.  I was so excited when I got my first PV that I never even thought of lighting up again.

Standard disclaimer:  Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)


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