eGo-T Wick manipulation Video

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Maintenance, Tips and Tricks

Vicky from Cignot has released a wonderful video explaining wick manipulation for the eGo-T.  I would list this as a “must watch” for those new to the eGo-T platform.

  1. david says:

    immediate relief from that burning taste/dry hit. thanks

  2. SugarRay says:

    Just got my Ego-T type-C PT 900 mAh from LF and I’m very glad the community is this helpful and creative! Thousand thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  3. Timothy J Barrett says:

    How long should the eGo-T atomizer last. I got three from Eastmall and they only lasted me one day. Shouldn’t it last longer than that before the just quit working?

    • zombienerd1 says:

      Absolutely, most eGo-T atomizers should provide you with a month or two of use as long as you keep them clean and wet. It is very rare that the coils break that soon. I have year old Tankomizers that still function, although I wouldn’t use them due to the age-related taste.

      There are only two things that can cause them to stop working entirely: a broken coil, or a bad connection.

      I would first check the screw end of the atomizer to make sure it isn’t dirty, and make sure it is screwed in securely.

      If you check out my needle plate removal post, remove your needle plate, attach the atty, and do a “dry burn” to see if the coil gets red, if it does, then your problem lies with the wick or tanks, and not the atomizer coil.

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