My first problem with the eGo-T

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Maintenance, Tips and Tricks
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Well, it was my fault. I didn’t follow my own advice, and it bit me in the rear!

I was vaping a dark tobacco flavored juice.   Big mistake!   The atty was getting kinda gunked up, and the pull was getting VERY hard.  After one of my standard 20-oz Bottle cleaning sessions, I was left with a bad burnt taste.   Horrible burnt taste, absolutely terrible.   I was truly afraid I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.

First, I’m not exactly sure of the science behind the dark juices causing problems.  I’m not sure if it leaves behind gunk that isn’t water or alcohol soluble, or what, it seemed that it was whatever the water-cleaning method left behind that was burning, but the taste just wouldn’t go away.

Until I figured out the “combo”.

First, I did another bottle cleaning, then I gave it a 20 minute Isopropyl alcohol soak.   Next, I played with it in the alcohol, filling the atty up to the top, and letting it run out the bottom end.  I did that for about 10 minutes.   I let it dry overnight.

Once I could no longer smell the alcohol, I put it on a battery and started to dry burn it.   I would hold the button for five seconds, let go of the button, and then put my mouth down by the button (over the air holes) and blew.  Smoke came out the top. I did this about 10-15 times (waiting at least 10 seconds between to let the atty cool down).   When I noticed that no more smoke was coming out after my blowing through it, I put on the tank, primed it (puffing without touching the button) until about 1/2 of the tank (0.5ml) was in the atty.

Hit the button, and I could taste just a touch of the burnt flavor.   After the 6th or 7th vape, I could no longer taste the burnt flavor.

I let it sit for an hour (mostly to let my taste buds “zero out”), and tried it again, No burnt taste!

Hopefully you will find this helpful!


2/25/11 After the fact edit:

I forgot to include the fact that any time you dry burn your atomizer, you run the risk of damage, as well as the fact that a dry burn usually shortens the life span of your device.  In my case, I would much rather deal with a slightly shorter lifespan than to deal with a nasty burned taste.

  1. One thing I hope you guys realize is that doing a dry burn will significantly shorten the life of the atomizer…

    • zombienerd1 says:

      I don’t disagree with this. I probably should have added that warning at the beginning. Any time you dry burn your atty, does probably shorten it’s overall life a little.

      But, that being said, if I have to choose between having a slightly shorter atty life vs having a nasty burned taste, or completely gunked up atty… I’ll chance it.

      Oh, and thanks for stopping by! I haven’t seen too many other e-cig / PV blogs on wordpress, it was nice to find another one.

  2. Richard says:

    NEVER dry burn a eGo Tank (or similar) atty. It will destroy it.

    • zombienerd1 says:

      And why would you think that? The coil itself is no different than any other atomizer. If you remove your needle plate, you can see for yourself.

      The wick inside the coil, as well as the needle plate wick are both melt/burn proof at the temperatures that a dry burn creates.

      There is no evidence that dry burning can cause any issues as long as you do it properly.

  3. Betsy Noonkester says:

    why do they leak so bad?? any tips on this..I have been using e-cigg for over a year.. I did get the tank here lately..LOVE IT!!! but leaks..please help..

  4. leak issues please help…

  5. James Ferriter says:

    My experience with Ego-T. I too had leak issues with the first two Ego-T tank cartridges I recieved with two atomizers I purchased. They did not leak right way.
    Only after removing and replacing the filler caps several times did the leak become noticeable. I have since purchased some new tank cartridges, and do not ever remove the filler caps. Fisrt I put the new tank into the atomizer to pierce the opening in the filler cap. Then I use a small blunt tip syringe to extract liquid from the bottle, and then insert it into the filler cap opening and fill the cartridge using the syringe to about 80-85% full. Using this method seems to have solved my leaking issues, since I have not had any of my new cartridges leak yet. I discoved this by mistake. I had filled my original cartrides with liquid, and layed thm down on a sheet of newspaper (without the protective silicon caps) and overnight the eliquid had leeched out on and into the newspaper. These cartiridges do not leak when left standing upright, but do leak if laying on their side. My new cartridges do not do this at all. It appears that taking off the filler caps over and over causes the caps not to seal as well as when you first get them. Additionally, you can still clean the cartridges without removing the filler cap by rising under hot water, forcing the water into the botton and top of the cartrigde and shaking the water back out. Gently blowing through the mouthpiece will also help remove any water in the air chamber of the cartridge. This may help some of you if the leaking is from the cartridge, as mine were.

    • Perfect fix for me so far. I had been leaking out through the atty and would drain an entire cart. Tried with three separate carts and same thing. Opened a brand new one and filled without ever popping off cap and haven’t leaked yet in 24 hours. Thanks for suggestion!

  6. Bpetrey says:

    Figured out the leak problem. In my case I used cinnamon e-liquid and after a few tank fulls I noticed greater airflow resistance when puffing. That’s when leaking occurs. If you can’t get good airflow coming through the base, then it must come from somewhere else.. the tank. Never had this problem using my usual liquid which is clear. Also, in my atty’s life 95% of the time it was filled with the one clear liquid and only twice filled with the heavier cinnamon liquid. Tried cleaning and did dry burn and still tasted cinnamon even though a it was used 2 tank-fulls ago. This tells me that the heavy liquid is clogging atty airflow and creating greater suction in the tank. I know this is a bit long but basically the E-go T DOESN’T leak but clogging created excess suction in the tank causing the fluid to pour and not drip.

  7. Maria says:

    this is the weirdest thing, my EGO-T type B atomizer eats fluid. I fill the tank, and take a hit or two, and all the fluid is gone!! Not leaking down the side or anything, just gone, and yes, a nasty burnt taste. Is this possible or am I just going crazy?

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