eGo-T Atomizer Needle Plate Removal

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Maintenance, Tips and Tricks

Wow, I figured it out.  The easiest way I could think of to remove the needle plate from inside the eGo-T atomizer.

This allows you to adjust your wick, recover your “dropped” wick, as well as give your atomizer a deep cleaning a little easier.

  1. You need the proper tool.  I used a dental tool that I bent into an “L” shape thin enough to slide in under the needle plate on the edges.
  2. You need to slide the tool into the atomizer, keeping the tip against the wall until it is flush with the bottom of the needle plate.
  3. Rotate the tool so the tip goes underneath the needle plate.
  4. Slide the tool to the side, as far as you can, so you’re under the “corner” of the plate.
  5. Pull up gently, but using enough force to get it to start moving.
  6. Remove the tool, and move it to the other side of the atty
  7. Pull up gently, but firmly, and it should pop the needle plate right out!!!

Now, you can re-arrange your wick how you see fit (see the post with Vicki from Cignot’s video on wick manipulation for proper alignment).  You can also use this time to clean the atty, using whatever method you prefer.

To re-insert the needle plate:

  1. Align the plate with the top of the atomizer, and gently start it into the hole.
  2. Take an old atomizer cartridge, and place it over the needle.
  3. Push the cartridge into the atomizer, this will push the needle plate in
  4. Once you’re at the bottom, give it a little hard push, it should “snap” into place.
  5. Grab something heavy and give the cartridge a few light taps to make sure it’s fully seated.

All done!

  1. Joe says:

    Dude, you are awesome!! Thanks so much for this!!!

  2. Blinddriver says:

    PERFECT! Thanks.

  3. Blinddriver says:

    Thank You!

  4. Devon says:

    Wow that was unbelievable easy. I’m surprised to see the metal base of the spike is actually quiet strong. Nice to be able to see the atomizer while I do a burn in test. Awesome, thanks.

  5. C C says:

    Thank you Soo much for this post!!! I couldn’t believe how dirty my atomizer was when I took the plate out!! now it is all working again thanks to you!

  6. hbot says:

    hbot says “thumbs up!”

  7. gel drops. Donnie says:

    I got the plate off with no trouble but after that it went down hill fast I’m blind as a bat those parts the wick ect to small for me to work with that’s what happens when not to far away from being 50.I had a new atty so I broke it out and started blazing…..

  8. Constance says:

    Thanks for your detailed description. This method works very well.

    I would add one step …I recommend doing 3 or 4 very short dry burns before removing the plate. When you pull on the metal plate the wick may be pulled out of the needle plate because it is stuck (because of the crud) to the coil The dry burns seem to detach the wick from the coil.

    Getting the plate out allows me to clean the coil with a dry burn and clean the wick as well…attys good as new.

  9. the0jerk says:

    Wow, I was able to bring 2 attys out of retirement. I put the plate on a tank when finished, then put it in and smacked it on the counter,- success… Thank you very much for the post!

  10. colin says:

    I did this and it broke my cartridge lol. Just use a flat head screwdriver and push it back in!

  11. DJ says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  12. Mommabeans says:

    So, I have an LR Tornado T and I cannot get that plate out. Now I’m wondering if maybe the LR Tornado T isn’t supposed to have a wick before I try to get in there. I just cannot get that plate out. Is there another way?

  13. Schwitz says:

    Took a standard BIC pen apart and used it to ram the plate back into place. Perfecto.

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