eGo-T atomizer working for 30 days without cleaning!

Posted: April 21, 2011 in General, Maintenance

I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I figured I’d give everyone a heads up on what’s been going on in my e-Cig world.

I’m slowly working towards completion on my Micro-Genesis box mod, I’ve gotten most of the hard work done, I just have to get the motivation to finish putting it together.  For those who haven’t followed this project, I am building a box-style genesis atomizer (see video in my older posts), for under $40.  I will make a detailed post on the unit when it’s finished 🙂

On another front, for the past 30 days, I have been running a “test” on my eGo-T.  I chose one juice I could handle to vape 24/7 for a month (Bluemist’s Crimson Cow), and decided to see how long I could use the same atomizer without cleaning it.  It is day 30 today, the atomizer is still running great, no burnt tastes at all, and it is still creating excellent vapor.  I decided to stick with one type of juice as to avoid cross contamination, or a bad mix.  The only thing I have done to the atomizer is blow it out whenever I flood it (every couple of days,  it will happen).  I should also note that this atomizer is 75 days old now.  I’m going to keep using this atomizer without cleaning until it either breaks, or develops a bad taste.

I’m thinking for my next test, I will run the same atomizer (if it lives), but using a darker juice.  I’ll see how long it holds on, and prove or disprove the theory on dark juices with the eGo-T.

  1. LoadedLen says:

    That’s awesome! (about the T atty running so long). My luck seems to be improving, but slowly. My first 2 standard atty’s lasted only a couple of days before they started to leak uncontrollably. Primo over at NFN graciously replaced them and provided a couple new tanks. The replacements are still going strong, though I hardly use them because I’ve switched almost exclusively to LR attys. I have 2 LR cone atty’s that I thought were nearing or at the end of their life. Very tight draw, zero throat hit, crappy vapor. So I tried a variety of cleaning agents…IPA (yuck!), Vinegar (almost as bad), water (nearly useless), ultrasonic (waste of time), boiling (BINGO!). I put 6 attys (2 LR cones, 2 510 tanks, and 2 306 LR’s) into a small pot, filled with tap water, boiled it for 20 minutes, and blew them out. Then I tried vaping on one of the LR cones. Had to puff on it for about 30 seconds before I started getting any vapor… then did my normal vape technique (hold button for 2 seconds, long soft draw for 5 seconds) And it was decent…not like new, but useable. Then I received my LR cylinder attys (these are my attys of choice now…they rock) – Meanwhile my other attys were shoved in a box. I took one of the LR cones out to test a couple new juices and I didn’t want to mess with my type B…WHAMMO! I almost had to scrape my throat off the wall behind me. Awesome! My problem is my attys only hit hard with lots of vapor and flavor for 1 or 2 days tops, even when blowing them out at night. And I don’t vape crazy flavors either. I’m currently stuck on Dekang USA mix (Marlyboro). So I did the boiling thing with my 1st Type B atty and it was a mediocre result. I can only hope that letting it dry naturally will bring it back to like-new status. I guess what I need is a solid routine. Assemble e-cig in the morning, vape like a madman all day, blow out and let dry overnight, repeat. And if I have to cook them in boiling water for 30 minutes every two weeks, then so be it.

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