Preparing a CE2 Cartomizer for first use, for best results.

Posted: February 12, 2012 in For the Newbie, Latest and Greatest, Maintenance, Tips and Tricks

In this post, I will describe the steps of tweaking your fresh CE2 Cartomizer, so you will have the best experience possible.

First off, a few tips on CE2 Use:

You should keep the cartomizer upright when not in use, this will prevent any possible leakage. (I keep my unit in my shirt breast pocket, and it doesn’t leak at all)  If you allow it to rest horizontal, you may experience leaking from the tip.

If you taste a light burned flavor, or not enough vapor, invert the cartomizer and gently squeeze the tube to force a little extra juice into the coil wick.

First look:

Photo 1 – The nice box they come in.

Photo 2 – Single Cartomizer removed from box.

Photo 3 –  Removed from wrapping.

Photo 4 – This is a dental chisel / hoe that I use for manipulating my vaping gear, I highly recommend finding one for your kit!!

After removing the unit from it’s wrappings, you want to remove the silicone mouthpiece, as well as the anti-leak barrier. (Photos 5&6)

Next, you want to insert your tool into the opening and under the lip, and gently raise the cap about 1-2mm, be very gentile as this silicone cap can tear easily, and if you pull too hard, you can pull the cap out completely, and then have to re-seat it.  (Photo 7)

The point is to lift the cap just enough to leave a very small gap between the top of the wick braid and the cap, to promote air and fluid exchange.  If you look closely at the picture, you will see the small gap. (Photo 8)  If the gap is too large, you may get leakage.

The next step is to fill your syringe, and insert it into one of the small holes in the cap, then fill the unit until it is full. (Photos 9 & 10)

After you have filled the unit, you should drip a small drop or two of fluid directly on the wick and coil to saturate it, and help with the initial wicking. (Photo 11)

After you have replaced the anti-leak barrier and mouthpiece, turn the unit upside down and give a gentle squeeze of the tube, to push a small amount of fluid into the wick and coil, to finish the initial wicking process.

Screw the unit onto your battery of choice, and vape away!  If the unit is too dry or tastes burned, feel free to invert and squeeze the tube again to push more fluid into the coil.


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