First eGo-T 1000mah battery death, and fun aftermath.

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Modding, Tips and Tricks

Today I had my first battery die.  This was one of the two batteries I got with my original order when I started vaping.  It was purchased in March 2011.  A lifespan of a year and a half isn’t too shabby!

Well, I have been meaning to pick up a true 5V straight USB 510 connection for a while, and having a dead eGo-T battery was all I needed to rig up one of my own.

Now, it may not be pretty.  It may not be fancy.  But with the 2.4ohm CE2 Clearomizers, 5V gives one heck of a hit.

eGo-T batteries are not impossible to disassemble, but I did have a few issues, and I wish I had remembered to take pictures as I went to show you what I’m talking about here.

The top of the battery (with the connection) pops off the battery tube relatively easy, and cutting the wires makes it quicker, just make sure to cut one at a time so you don’t short and overload the battery.  Don’t let the cut wires touch each other or the body of the tube.

After you have the top off, you have to forcibly remove the little circuit board.  I just used needle nose pliers and forced it.  It may have a retainer clip or something to make it easier, but I wasn’t worried about breaking it.

I popped out the bottom cap (where my new button is) and drilled a small hole in the side of the body for the wire to enter.

You run the black wire of the USB connection directly to the 510 connector, file off some of the chrome to show the brass underneath, then solder it on the inside of the outer edge, close to the bottom as you can so you don’t short to the hot wire.

You run the Red wire of the USB connection to your new switch, and then another red wire from the 2nd post of the switch to the center “pin” in the 510 connector.


Anyway, here’s a crude wiring diagram, and pictures of the finished unit.  Nothing fancy, but it works like a dream.


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