For those who frequent the ECF, you’ve probably spent some time reading about the Genesis.

It is an excellent idea, one I wish would hurry up and be produced commercially.

The revolutionary part of this system, is that it uses Stainless Steel mesh for wicking, instead of the cloth / synthetic wicks we’ve all been using since the beginning.  The SS Mesh wicks beautifully, and the designs we’ve seen so far (all made by hand) have made me jealous with anticipation.


  • Replaceable atomizer coil
  • Replaceable wick
  • Tank design
  • Non-stop vapor, if desired

The big problem is that as of right now, if you want one, you have to build it yourself.  From scratch.  Sourcing and ordering all the raw materials takes time and more money that I want to throw at a new PV right now, not to mention that I’m not exactly handy with machine tools, and don’t own any of them.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of the many USA mod companies start churning these out soon.

Check out these two threads (Prepare to spend 4-5 hours to read it all) to see exactly what all the fuss is about!

(About half way down, it is introduced)

Second Thread:





Vicky from Cignot has released a wonderful video explaining wick manipulation for the eGo-T.  I would list this as a “must watch” for those new to the eGo-T platform.

Well, it was my fault. I didn’t follow my own advice, and it bit me in the rear!

I was vaping a dark tobacco flavored juice.   Big mistake!   The atty was getting kinda gunked up, and the pull was getting VERY hard.  After one of my standard 20-oz Bottle cleaning sessions, I was left with a bad burnt taste.   Horrible burnt taste, absolutely terrible.   I was truly afraid I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.

First, I’m not exactly sure of the science behind the dark juices causing problems.  I’m not sure if it leaves behind gunk that isn’t water or alcohol soluble, or what, it seemed that it was whatever the water-cleaning method left behind that was burning, but the taste just wouldn’t go away.

Until I figured out the “combo”.

First, I did another bottle cleaning, then I gave it a 20 minute Isopropyl alcohol soak.   Next, I played with it in the alcohol, filling the atty up to the top, and letting it run out the bottom end.  I did that for about 10 minutes.   I let it dry overnight.

Once I could no longer smell the alcohol, I put it on a battery and started to dry burn it.   I would hold the button for five seconds, let go of the button, and then put my mouth down by the button (over the air holes) and blew.  Smoke came out the top. I did this about 10-15 times (waiting at least 10 seconds between to let the atty cool down).   When I noticed that no more smoke was coming out after my blowing through it, I put on the tank, primed it (puffing without touching the button) until about 1/2 of the tank (0.5ml) was in the atty.

Hit the button, and I could taste just a touch of the burnt flavor.   After the 6th or 7th vape, I could no longer taste the burnt flavor.

I let it sit for an hour (mostly to let my taste buds “zero out”), and tried it again, No burnt taste!

Hopefully you will find this helpful!


2/25/11 After the fact edit:

I forgot to include the fact that any time you dry burn your atomizer, you run the risk of damage, as well as the fact that a dry burn usually shortens the life span of your device.  In my case, I would much rather deal with a slightly shorter lifespan than to deal with a nasty burned taste.

I love the eGo-T.  It was like going from a Chevy to a Mercedes when I upgraded.

The learning curve took me a little while, hours spent researching on the best way to keep it running.

So, you’ve finally got yours in the mail, I’ll walk you through setting it up for your first vape!

Step 1:  Charge the batteries.  My eGo-T’s batteries were close to fully charged when I received them, yours probably will be too.  They will most likely be fully charged in under an hour.

Step 2: Prep the atomizer.  You’ll want to blow out the primer fluid that it ships with, otherwise you’ll have a nasty tasting vape for the first few hours.  To properly blow them out, use some tissue or paper towels, pushed against the atomizer end (The end without the screw connection) and blow through the battery end.  Hard.  You’ll want to blow through it for about a minute (obviously taking breaks and taking breaths).  When you no longer see any fluid dripping out and staining the paper, you’re good to go.

Take a piece of tissue and roll it up so it’s pointy, and stick it in the atomizer end, and sop up any fluid left on the metal plate, and inside the walls.

Step 3:  Filling the tank.  There are three methods I know of for doing this, and I’ll cover all 3.

Method 1: Pop the cap off the bottom using your fingernail.  Drip the fluid inside until you’re about 1/4″ from the top.  Pop the cap back on.

Method 2: Push the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Remove the tank, then use a syringe to fill the tank, once again, stop when your’e about 1/4″ from the top.

Method 3: Push the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Remove the tank, then push your bottle’s tip into the hole, and fill the tank (this can be messy with some bottles), and once again, stop when you’re about 1/4″ from the top.

You want to stop 1/4″ from the top because it doesn’t seem to wick the juice properly if you fill it all the way up.  It seems to need a little air space to wick properly.

Step 4:  Putting the tank onto the atomizer.   Push the tank into the atomizer until it is fully seated, there should be NO gap between the edge of the atty, and the edge of the tank.  Spin the tank around at least 1 time to ensure proper wicking.  Orientation doesn’t really seem to matter, but some people have said that if you don’t align the sides of the tank with the open sides of the atomizer, you will get reduced airflow.  This has not been my experience, but your mileage may vary.

Step 5:  Attach the atomizer to the battery.

Step 6: Make sure your battery is turned on.  The eGo-T batteries have a “5 click” safety system.  To turn the battery on or off, you must click the button 5 times within 2 seconds.  This can prevent “pocket vaping”

Step 7:  Prime the atomizer.  Without pressing the button, take 3-4 really hard puffs on the atty.  This will start the wicking process, and get the juice flowing to the atomizer.  You should lightly taste the flavor of the juice when you’re on your final puff.  If you don’t, try taking 1-2 more primer puffs, but be careful, you don’t want to flood it!

Step 8: Push the button and vape.  I prefer to hit the button about a second or so before I put it in my mouth, but if you wait too long, you can dry it out, it takes a little practice to get the timing right!   With the eGo-T it is best to take very long, slow puffs.  For me, it’s about 4-5 seconds for a mouthful of vapor.  To get the best “hit” off of it, I inhale it shallowly, and blow it out slowly through the nose.  If you want a very strong “hit”, you can try the French inhale.  Get a mouthful of vapor, and slowly push it out of your mouth with your tongue, while inhaling slowly with your nose… It will make a reverse “waterfall” of vapor into your nostrils, and will give you the best nicotine absorption possible.   Be warned, this can burn a little the first time you do it 🙂  Exhale slowly through the nose as well.

Here are my eGo-T tips and tricks:
1 – Never use a juice with more than 30% VG – More than 30%VG can cause wicking problems, and you’ll be running your atty dry.

2 – Stay away from Darker juices.  They’ll work, but you’ll have to clean your atty every other day, as they tend to gunk up the atomizer, and cause airflow issues.

3 – Clean your atty at LEAST once a week, I prefer the soda bottle method –

4 – Make sure your wick is in the right position.  If your first 3-4 hard primer puffs (without pressing the button) don’t give you a nice vape, use a paperclip to push the wick down inside the needle about 1mm, do this very gently or you can damage your atty.

5 – Make sure your tank is FULLY seated, there should be NO gap between the cone and edge of the tank.6 – After inserting the tank, rotate the tank inside the atty at least 45 degrees, some people spin it around a few times.  The final orientation of the tank in the atomizer doesn’t really matter.

On a side note, you should also check to see if you have the v1 or v2 atomizer.  The v1 had a blunt needle inside, and is slightly thinner than the v2.  The v2 has the pointed needle and is thicker, for better wicking.  V1 atomizers have been known to have issues.

This is a great video for all new vapers to watch.  I think most of us went through this, and wish we would have went straight to the 3rd or 4th stage when we began 🙂


Good for you!  You’ve made a decision that will most probably change your life.

You have done a bit of research, there are so many choices, so many units, so many flavors, so many sizes, it’s just too much to take in!

Where do you start?

I think it’s best for me to tell you first, where NOT to start.  The PV/e-cig world is pretty new, there are a lot of scammers, gimmicks, and ripoff artists just waiting to take your money for a substandard product.  Here is a short list of things to avoid when starting out:

  • Gas station e-cigs  – Generally over priced, and substandard hardware.  It will not last you more than a few weeks, and you’ll be spending too much.
  • Free Trials – AVOID THESE LIKE THE PLAGUE!  There is not a true e-cig free trial anywhere to be found on the Internet.  By the time you receive your unit, you will have already been charged, and unable to cancel, as well as concurrent charges for shipments of disposable hardware, they are all scams.
  • Brand name online stores (Blu, NJoy, Greensmoke etc) – They are usually just branded generic hardware, at a slightly higher price.  Not all of them are bad, however.  You should do some in depth research if you want a “brand named” unit.  Cruise the various forums out there ( is one of the best), and find out what people are saying about the company.
  • Disposable e-cigs – “Disposable” e-cigs aren’t worth the money.  You can find a fully functional e-cig at many trustworthy vendors for just a few dollars more, literally.

So, now that you’ve been warned, what do you want to get?

As mentioned before, there are MANY different models of PV’s out there.  Each one suited to a different style, and each having strengths and weaknesses.

First, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I absolutely need it to look and feel like an analog cigarette?
  • Do I want to have to charge it every few hours, or carry 6+ batteries for a day?
  • How do I want to refill?

I personally recommend that all new people interested in PV’s to get a Genuine Joye 510, or one of the bigger battery units with the 510 connection.  The Joye 510 is about the size of analog, a little longer, and has many options available for color, battery life, manual or automatic switches, etc.  Battery life differs dependent on what mAh rating you purchase.  A 180mAh battery will last the average vaper about 1-3 hours between charging, and takes between 30 minutes to an hour to charge.  The higher the mAh rating, the longer you can go between charges.  I have seen standard 510 batteries up to 360mah (3-5 hours between charges).  If you want a PV that can last all day, then I would recommend the eGo series, which ships with a standard 650mAh battery (8-15 hours between charges), or the optional 1000mAh battery (24+ hours between charges).  My “between charges” ratings are by personal experience, and always depend on how much you use it.

The big difference is in size.  While the 510 is pretty close to cigarette-size, the eGo is best compared to a Sharpie marker, being just a little bit thicker, and about the same length.  The 1000mAh battery will make it about 3/4″ longer than a sharpie.

Ok, so you’ve picked your battery size.  Now, on to the fun part.  The 510 has 3 different possible methods of use, while the eGo has 4.

  • Atomizer and Cartridge – The original way, the atomizer produces the heat to vaporize the juice, and the cartridge holds the juice in a polyfill material that is then wicked onto the heating coil.   Atomizers can last from one week to a year+ if you take care of them.  You can also refill the cartridges.
  • Atomizer and Drip Tip / Blank – Shortly after e-cigs were released, people got tired of refilling the cartridges too often.  They discovered you can just drip 2-4 drops of e-juice directly into the atomizer and vape, this produced a much better flavor, vapor, and throat hit than using the cartridges.
  • Cartomizer – The second iteration of the e-cig.  It is an atomizer and cartridge built into one unit, they are disposable after several uses.  You can refill these as well, using various methods.
  • Tankomizer (eGo Only) – Uses an atomizer and a tank of fluid to deliver a solid, steady vape.  This is my preferred method.  Easy to refill tanks, less mess, less to carry around.  The juice is delivered to the atomizer with each puff, using airflow to suck it out of the tank.


Ok, I’ve picked a model I like, where should I buy it?

If you head to the forum I referenced earlier (, you will see they have a long list of suppliers, each with their own forum.  These vendors have been tried, tested, and proved to be trustworthy sources for your PV needs.  Once again, you should do your research, and read what people are saying about each one you are considering.

You may be asking: “Who do you use, Zombienerd?”  Well, I’ll be glad to tell you!  I have had great luck with a couple different suppliers so far.

  • – EXCELLENT Customer Service, Fast shipping, and good prices.  They offer a good diverse line of 510 and eGo kits, but their juice selection is lacking.
  • – They carry some good starter kits, lots of adapters, and miscellaneous accessories, they ship fast.
  • – This is my “go-to” shop for my e-liquids, pretty quick shipping, and an excellent selection.  (He is currently moving his shop, so no orders would ship until March 1st 2011)
  • – Another excellent source for starter kits, juice, accessories.  It’s a “One Stop shop”

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, I will definitely help you if I can!

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step just by being curious!

There are many reasons why the PV is better than “Analog” cigarettes.


  • Their smoke contains over 4000 chemicals.
  • Their smoke leaves you smelling like an ashtray.
  • Cigarettes are very expensive.
  • Cigarettes produce ash.
  • Cigarettes produce trash.
  • Cigarettes cause cancer.
  • Cigarettes cause heart problems.
  • This list could go on for pages.


  • Limited ingredients, you know what you’re inhaling
  • Produces vapor, not smoke.
  • Vapor doesn’t cling to you, you won’t smell like an ashtray.
  • No lighter required.
  • No ashtray required.
  • Can be used pretty much anywhere, very few places have banned their use.
  • With the proper equipment choices, Vaping is MUCH cheaper than smoking.
  • You choose how much nicotine you get, from Zero MG up to 30mg.
  • No smelly clothes.
  • No yellow teeth.
  • Sense of smell returns.
  • Sense of taste returns.
  • This list could also go on for pages.

PV’s are not really designed to help you quit smoking, but they have that effect.  They are a nicotine delivery device, much like cigarettes, snuff, chew, snus, the patch, or nicotine gum.  The reason that PV’s are so successful in helping people quit tobacco, is that they give you everything a cigarette does:  the oral fixation, the “motion” of smoking, the nicotine, as well as feeling it hit your throat/lungs/mouth.

You will not find an eLiquid (the juice that the PV uses) that tastes exactly like smoking a cigarette.  This is quite impossible, as that taste is created by burning material, and in order to get that taste in a PV, you would need to add in many of the harmful chemicals that we all want to get rid of!  The standard tobacco flavors that you will find with the starter kits taste more like what a fresh cigarette smells like before lit.  That is the actual taste of tobacco.

“So, will it work for me?”

It absolutely will, as long as you want it to.  There is a bit of brain play involved.  Vaping is not 100% identical to smoking, there are many subtle differences.  Vaporized e-juice’s nicotine is slower to absorb into your system than that of burned tobacco.  Some thought and planning have to go into making yourself successful.

The hardest part for me was first thing in the morning.  I used to wake up, go straight outside and have a cigarette, it was all that was on my mind.  The nicotine from a cigarette hits your brain in seconds, it’s instant gratification.  Waking up since I started vaping was a bit different.  I found that I had to get a good 7-8 puffs in before I started feeling the same as I would on the first drag of the cigarette.  How I combated this, was to do my “morning vape” before I even got out of bed.  I have children, so I have not smoked in the house for years, this small change has helped me significantly in this regard.  Now, I can just lay there, and take several puffs to get my brain happy before I even have to pull back the covers.

Each person’s physiology is a bit different, you may have a harder time giving up the analogs than I did.  You may take your first vape, and never think of analogs again.  It’s best to get yourself psyched out before you ever start vaping.  You must know that this is going to work before you ever try it.  I was so excited when I got my first PV that I never even thought of lighting up again.

Standard disclaimer:  Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)