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Well, it was my fault. I didn’t follow my own advice, and it bit me in the rear!

I was vaping a dark tobacco flavored juice.   Big mistake!   The atty was getting kinda gunked up, and the pull was getting VERY hard.  After one of my standard 20-oz Bottle cleaning sessions, I was left with a bad burnt taste.   Horrible burnt taste, absolutely terrible.   I was truly afraid I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it.

First, I’m not exactly sure of the science behind the dark juices causing problems.  I’m not sure if it leaves behind gunk that isn’t water or alcohol soluble, or what, it seemed that it was whatever the water-cleaning method left behind that was burning, but the taste just wouldn’t go away.

Until I figured out the “combo”.

First, I did another bottle cleaning, then I gave it a 20 minute Isopropyl alcohol soak.   Next, I played with it in the alcohol, filling the atty up to the top, and letting it run out the bottom end.  I did that for about 10 minutes.   I let it dry overnight.

Once I could no longer smell the alcohol, I put it on a battery and started to dry burn it.   I would hold the button for five seconds, let go of the button, and then put my mouth down by the button (over the air holes) and blew.  Smoke came out the top. I did this about 10-15 times (waiting at least 10 seconds between to let the atty cool down).   When I noticed that no more smoke was coming out after my blowing through it, I put on the tank, primed it (puffing without touching the button) until about 1/2 of the tank (0.5ml) was in the atty.

Hit the button, and I could taste just a touch of the burnt flavor.   After the 6th or 7th vape, I could no longer taste the burnt flavor.

I let it sit for an hour (mostly to let my taste buds “zero out”), and tried it again, No burnt taste!

Hopefully you will find this helpful!


2/25/11 After the fact edit:

I forgot to include the fact that any time you dry burn your atomizer, you run the risk of damage, as well as the fact that a dry burn usually shortens the life span of your device.  In my case, I would much rather deal with a slightly shorter lifespan than to deal with a nasty burned taste.